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Our Mission

Our Mission
Istruzi is the most Golf Coach-centric platform possible ever built.

Our coaches have more time to be creative, build elite businesses, and spend more time with their players.

Istruzi is an investment in Golf Coaches, like you, who have made a career of teaching, guiding, and investing in the players of tomorrow.
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You know every golf swing Coach is NOT created equal. But prospective players dont. Give your business a competitive advantage from the start by using our unique platform. We bet players will notice!

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Coaching and mentoring your players is a long term investment which starts with clear communication and leads to trust. As you know, communication is most effective when its simple, easy to understand, and organized. Istruzi delivers that for you to your players.

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We get it, as an independent contractor and solopreneur, its impossible to keep up with the latest technology or tool to position your business in a category of one. As an Istruzi Coach, we take care of that for you from now on!

Istruzi is a comprehensive Golf Coach management software built from the ground up to fit the specific needs of golf swing Coaches, like you.

As a result, you'll enjoy near-instant ease of use because Istruzi is the only 360° solution that fits every part of your business.

Still considering or need help using the platform, check out our Coach Onboarding and Help Center

About Istruzi

elite coaches have more time to invest in their players and their Business

Istruzi Is The Premier Golf Coach Management Platform.

Istruzi streamlines and systematizes your business operations to deliver consistently elite golf lessons and instructions.

Convert More Players to confirmed Sessions

Your Coach Profile on Istruzi is where players find your rates, session details, book in seconds using real time synch, and provide pre session player goals.

Establish Long term Trust

Istruzi's intelligently designed Player Locker means no more endless scrolling through messages to find what you need! Drop a note, upload an image/ video, and see session history.

Consistently deliver Elite Customer Experience's

Imagine running your coaching business from one simple app while having more time for your players, teaching, and investing back into your business. Elite Coaches attract elite players.

asked questions

Whats up with the name?

Istruzi, is Italian shorthand/ slang for Istruzione. Which in English means, Instruction. Istruzi is a business management platform designed for golf swing coaches who teach, lead, and instruct the golfers of today and tomorrow. .

How do I create an account with Istruzi?

Its very fast, easy, and convenient! Simply click the "Download Now" button or search "Istruzi" in the Apple App Store (Yes, we are iOS ONLY). From there, open the golf coach app and simply follow the on screen guide to get started. All in under 4 min!

How will i be charged for Istruzi?

Right now, for a limited time, we are not charging to use Istruzi. You will have full access to our complete digital golf management platform.

Is there a Guarentee with Istruzi?

We understanding trying and using something new is difficult and risky. So rather than a guarantee, you can use Istruzi risk free. You will have full access to the entire Istruzi Platform. Overtime, you can earn bonuses for inviting players to your portfolio and referring other coaches. You will do these things anyway, but because we think you will love Istruzi that much! This is our way of saying, "We appreciate you!"

How can I stay in touch with the Istruzi team?

We are always only a message away. You can contact us two ways:
Instagram: istruzi_ (we promise no spammy nonsense)

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