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What We Learned During The Early Years of Istruzi

During the early years of Istruzi, we gained invaluable insights into the challenges and needs of coaches like you face every day. Our goal is to provide a platform that will streamline your business operations and enhance your communication with players. Through extensive research and collaboration with experts in the field, we discovered several key areas where coaches required specialized tools and solutions.

Coaches Need a Single Portal to Streamline their Business Operations

One of the most significant observations we made was that coaches like you often struggle to manage the various aspects of your business. From scheduling and booking management to handling payments, there was a clear need for a centralized platform that could simplify these processes. Coaches desire a single portal where you could efficiently handle administrative tasks and focus more on what truly matters – training and mentoring their players.

Imagine a coach, passionate about their sport, spending countless hours each week trying to organize their schedule, manage biz ops, and more. These tasks alone can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple teams or age groups. This leaves you with little time to actually work on improving your players' skills.

But with Istruzi's comprehensive system, you can say goodbye to the chaos of managing schedules. Our platform offers an intuitive calendar feature that allows coaches to effortlessly create and update your schedule. The system also sends automated reminders to players and parents, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reducing the chances of a "no-show".

Financial management is another area where coaches often find themselves struggling. Collecting payments can be a tedious and time-consuming task leading you to chase after payments, keep track of who has paid and who hasn't, and manually update your records. This not only takes away valuable time but also adds unnecessary stress to your already busy lives.

With Istruzi's integrated financial management feature, you can bid farewell to these headaches. The system automatically tracks payments, enables you to send reminders for overdue payments, and provides you with a clear overview of your financials. Coaches can now focus on what they do best – coaching – instead of worrying about chasing payments.

But Istruzi doesn't stop there. We understand that coaches have many other administrative tasks on their plate, such as managing player information, tracking attendance, and communicating with players. Our platform offers a centralized player relationship management tool. Coaches can easily access this information whenever they need it and point their players to the right information at the right time.

Communication is also made seamless with Istruzi. Coaches can send messages and updates to players directly through the platform, eliminating the need for multiple communication channels.

By providing coaches with a comprehensive system that integrates financial management, scheduling, and other essential features, Istruzi alleviates your administrative burdens and allow you to concentrate on your core responsibilities. Coaches no longer need to juggle multiple tools or waste time on manual processes; instead, you can devote your energy to nurturing talent and fostering growth of your players.

Need a Platform to Continuously Be in Contact with Their Players

Successful coaching depends on effective communication between coaches and their players. We observed that coaches often faced challenges in maintaining regular contact and providing timely feedback to their athletes. This lack of consistent communication could hinder the players' progress and impact team performance as a whole. Recognizing this need, Istruzi sought to create a platform that would facilitate ongoing communication between coaches and players.

With Istruzi, coaches can effortlessly share training schedules, provide individualized feedback, and monitor players' progress. The platform offers real-time messaging capabilities and notification features that ensure coaches and athletes remain connected at all times. This continuous communication fosters a better coach-player relationship, improves player engagement, and ultimately enhances performance on the field.

Place a High Value on Scheduling and Booking Management

Efficient scheduling and booking management are crucial aspects of a coach's day-to-day operations. We discovered that coaches like you often grapple with the complexities of juggling multiple training sessions, team meetings, and personal commitments. Mismanagement of schedules could result in conflicts and confusion, leading to disrupted training routines and missed opportunities.

Istruzi recognized the importance of providing coaches with a robust scheduling and booking management system. The platform allows you to easily create and manage sessions, set availability, and send automated reminders to players. Additionally, coaches can view their calendar in real-time, ensuring they stay organized and maintain a structured training environment. By streamlining scheduling processes, Istruzi empowers you to optimize their time and provide a more efficient training experience for their athletes.

Value Swing Analysis Tools as Part of Your Operations

In the realm of sports, certain disciplines require specialized tools for analysis and performance improvement. In the sport of golf, swing analysis plays a vital role in identifying areas for improvement and fine-tuning techniques. Through our interactions with golf coaches, we discovered the importance you place on integrating swing analysis tools into your coaching operations.

Istruzi recognized this need and made swing analysis tools an integral part of the platform. Coaches can now record, analyze, and provide feedback on players' swings, enabling them to pinpoint areas of improvement and guide players towards achieving their full potential. By incorporating swing analysis tools within Istruzi, we aim to equip coaches with the resources necessary to enhance their players' performance and elevate their coaching capabilities and save time doing it!

Will Always Prefer a Payment Process Which Does Not Include a 3rd Party Cut

When it comes to financial transactions, coaches like you expressed a strong preference for a payment process that bypasses third-party fees. Traditionally, you have had to rely on platforms that deducted a percentage of their earnings, resulting in reduced revenue. Understanding this concern, Istruzi endeavored to develop a payment process that prioritizes coaches' financial wellbeing.

Istruzi's payment system allows you to receive direct payments from their players without any intermediary cuts. By eliminating third-party fees, coaches retain the full value of their services, enabling them to invest in their business growth and provide enhanced training experiences. Our commitment to coach-centric solutions ensures that financial considerations do not impede your ability to deliver top-quality coaching to your players.


In the early years of Istruzi, we immersed ourselves in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by coaches in the sports industry. Through our research and collaboration with experts, we identified five key areas where coaches required specialized tools to streamline their operations and better serve their players.

By providing coaches with a single portal for business operations, enhancing communication between coaches and players, prioritizing scheduling and booking management, integrating swing analysis tools, and offering a payment process without third-party cuts, Istruzi has revolutionized the way coaches approach their craft. We continue to refine our platform and collaborate closely with the coaching community to constantly improve and meet the evolving needs of coaches and players alike.

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